Microsoft Enhancing Windows Security Thanks To Flame Virus

Microsoft Enhancing Windows Security Thanks To Flame Virus

The notorious Flame virus has damaged government computer systems and exposed sensitive information throughout various countries in the Middle East. Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is taking the initiative to do something about it.

The senior director for Microsoft Security Response Center Mike Reavy recently posted an article on their blog  about his company’s  plans to boost security systems and update their software systems. Just this past weekend, Microsoft mentioned that the makers of the Flame virus cleverly disguised the malware program to look like legitimate software from Microsoft.

The Flame is considered to be one of the most sophisticated viruses in history. It is the reported that the virus has infected several thousand computers in Iran and several other countries in the Middle East.

Michael Bumgartner, chief technology officer of the United States Cyber Consequences Unit stated, “If Microsoft is going to ‘harden’ the update feature, they must also prevent writers of malicious software from disabling the updating process on local computers.”

Microsoft also shared their security boosting plans on Monday afternoon. The plans can be found on their official Microsoft Security Response Center Blog. As of yet, the company has yet to make an official statement regarding the details.

It’s good to know that Microsoft is doing their part to combat the Flame virus. Microsoft’s response to this attack was rather slow, especially considering that it affects government agencies. However, when you’re a company that’s as big and well-used as Microsoft, it is  hard to keep up with all the viruses and malware attacks that are used within your system.  Another thing to point out is that this virus is massive in terms of its size and damage capability. It could take days or weeks for even the most tech savvy professionals to figure out how this virus works and infects before coming up with solutions that work.