Google Has Introduced Nexus Q Media Box Streamer

Google Has Introduced Nexus Q Media Box Streamer

 image courtesy of Google Play

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) just introduced their first media box streamer on their Play website before introducing it at their I/O event on Wednesday afternoon. The device is called Nexus Q and it retails for just $299. It looks like a small decorative orb but this streamer was designed to act as a bridge for Android smartphones, tablets, and television sets.

With this innovative device, you can directly stream your favorite YouTube videos or HD movies and music from Google Play. Best of all: you can easily sync your Android tablet or phone to the television and use it as a remote control.

According to Google Play, the Nexus Q measures 4.6 inches(116 millimeters), weighs two pounds, and features a die-cast finish with precision machined zinc bottom housing and satin touch coating. It has a rotating top dome for volume control and capacitive touch sensor for mute on/off. It has wireless connectivity and works with Wifi, 1GB LPDDR RAM, 16GB NAND flash memory. It operated on Android 4.o Ice Cream Sandwich.

The Nexus Q is currently available in the United States only. You can order one now but the product won’t start shipping until two or three weeks later. Google also sells accessories to go with your new streaming device: a set of speakers for $399 and speaker cables for $49.

The Nexus Q sounds like a great product overall and for Google fans, it will probably be a must-have. What surprised me most about this new device is the premium price and the lack of features. You’re paying $299 for a small media streamer that (so far) utilizes just three applications including YouTube, Google Play Music, and Google Play Movies/TV. Apple TV retails for just $99.00 and it includes a few extra applications like Vimeo, Netflix, and WSJ Live. You get more for less and that’s what customers want. I’m hoping that Google will increase their application list for Nexus Q, until then we will see how it fares in the next month or so.