Facebook to Launch High Speed Revamped iPhone App

Facebook to Launch High Speed Revamped iPhone App

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s poor performance with its current iPhone app may soon be over: this according to two Facebook engineers who have opted for anonymity as a matter of policy, reports Nick Bilton of New York Times.

These two engineers say that next month will usher in the new revamped iPhone app, that will be far quicker than the current app. The current iPhone app is synonymous with descriptions like slow, and crashes.

According to the sources, Facebook has gone to the very root of the problem and rebuilt the whole IOS with the sole purpose of enhancing speed.

One engineer, reveals that the bolstered iPhone app has been predominantly designed using Objective-C. This is the programming language that is primarily used to design existing iPhone apps. It will be a major improvement on the current version which principally operates on components designed by HTML5.

Objective-C is less reliant on the internet. It actually utilizes the iPhone’s solid underlying hardware in the process enhancing functionality. Similarly, its operating method reduces the need for frequently being connected to the web.

Although all the nitty-gritty was not laid out in the open, the engineer make it clear that Facebook developers were running the app through a series of tests.

This news is expected to cause some ripples in the market. Nonetheless, the improvement has solely focused on speed. The design of the app will maintain the same old look.

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