Facebook’s Popularity is Declining: comScore


Facebook's Popularity is Declining: comScore

Has social media hotspot Facebook reached it’s peak? That may be the case thanks to a study from comScore.  Their most recent study indicates that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s number of unique visitors from the United States has waned a bit from 158.69 (in April) to 158.01 (in May).

What’s more intersting, comScore also discovered last month that Facebook users are spending more time on the social network. The numbers went up from 378.9 minutes (April) to 380.8 minutes (May).

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It sounds like although Facebook’s popularity is just starting to decline a little, it’s obviously not the end for the company. I think there are several factors involved that are contributing to the loss of frequent visitors. For one thing, Facebook is relatively old in terms of internet years. Just about everyone and every company these days has a page on the social media website. Alhough Mark Zuckerberg’s company has gone through some small, but nonetheless significant changes making over the pages with timelines and allowing kids under 13 on the website) over the last few months, people are still tiring of the website that once taken over their lives. Moreover, Facebook has gotten a bad rap over the last year or so thanks to their questionable advertising tactics. Another recent blow for the company was their IPO which was considered too high by many investors and analysts. Basically, Zuckerberg thought his company was worth more than it actually was.

All of this here leads to the question: will Facebook be around in three or five years?  Obviously, there is no way we can answer that question now because there is no way we can forsee the future. At the very least, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) social-site could end up like MySpace, the once-popular social networking website that still exist despite the fact it’s not as highly-regarded as it once was.  Social networking websites aren’t dying out just yet, but I think people are starting to look for something different.

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