Facebook Now Lets You Edit Comments Just Like Google+


Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has finally added comment editing feature that allows users to edit comments posted in the past on the social network. About a year ago, Facebook introduced a feature that could only give users a time frame of 30 seconds to edit their comments. However, now the time barrier of editing comments has been completely removed. (Check image below)

Facebook Now Lets You Edit Comments Just Like Google+

The new feature also lives audit trail of all the adjustments made on the initial comment making it easy for the audience to back track the conversation as it unfolded.

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The introduction of this feature comes  to replace the typical delete and re-post exercise that allows users to make changes to their initial sentiments, or correct typo errors by getting rid of the original comment. Nonetheless, according to some reports, this might be annoying to some recipient at times as they would get a new notification for every time a user edits an older comment.

Another predicament to deleting and re-posting embedded comment alteration is that, it is more time consuming, since you will again have to post the whole comment as compared to the new feature of adjusting the original comment. Not many people remember to copy and paste the original comment, Tech Crunch notes.

This is a step forward for Facebook, given that most embedded comment enabled platforms allow historical comment editing on the initial comment. A good example is Google+ where users are able to adjust their comments and save the changes.

The new feature will be available to all Facebook users in the next few days according to reports from major tech news sites. However, it is believed that the feature is already available to some users across the globe.