Boxopus Lets You Directly Download Torrents to Dropbox


Dropbox has quickly become user’s favorite for cloud storage and synchronization. The service is very simple and easy to use, be it for syncing files or storing files online. There are many web apps that integrate with Dropbox and add more functionality to this service. But now, there’s one more useful app that allows you to download torrents directly to your Dropbox.

Enter Boxopus, a torrent downloader app that has been nicely integrated with Dropbox. Users can securely use their Dropbox login credentials and pair Dropbox with Boxopus. Torrents can be added to Boxopus and then the download process is handled by their servers. When the process is completed, the torrent is placed in your Dropbox folder.

Boxopus Lets You Directly Download Torrents to Dropbox

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So basically, Boxopus handles the hard task of downloading torrents for you. The advantage of using Boxopus is that it lets you add torrents directly to your Dropbox from school, work or from any other place. The files will then be automatically synced to all computers that run Dropbox. This means that you don’t need to worry much about seeders, as even if there are very less seeders, this service will download the torrent slowly and then place it in your Dropbox folder.

Boxopus makes use of the Dropbox API which means that no other files are accessed by this app. Many torrent sites like TorrentReactor, and have also added support for Boxopus by placing a “Download to Dropbox” button.

Using Boxopus also means more waiting time. The torrent is first downloaded by Boxopus and a progress bar is shown for the status. When the download is finished, it will also take time to download that file to Dropbox. Let’s say if the torrent contains files of 1 GB, then you’ll need to wait for that 1 GB of files to be downloaded to your Dropbox folder. Also don’t forget about storage limit that comes with Dropbox.

For now, since this service is in Beta phase, users are offered unlimited traffic. However, the “about” page clearly mentions that when the final version is launched, users will need to purchase traffic to use the service.

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