AT&T Updates Toggle Service For Business Users

AT&T Updates Toggle Service For Business Users

AT&T Updates Toggle Service For Business Users

AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) has recently made a move that promotes the “bring your own device” bandwagon with the company’s latest advancement in its Toggle service, which was launched last October.  This is convenient for use at the office because it can separate personal and work related content on your smartphones and tablets.

Now, the telecom giant has announced that they will be releasing updates to the Toggle service which will make it more popular in office environments and IT departments.  If you have never heard of the Toggle service or do not know how it works, here is how’s Chris Velazco describes the service: “Once the mobile client is installed and fired up (AT&T is quick to note that it works on devices from all carriers), users will see work-specific web browser, messaging, calendar, and GPS apps meant to keep them productive and undistracted by their multiple versions of Angry Birds. IT departments are also able to sink their fingers into those Toggle-enabled devices to reset passwords, setting up work-related apps, and wiping work mode information if needed” (

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The interesting part about this new development by AT&T is the fact that they are essentially hedging to profit in the event that a growing niche explodes.  AT&T is a premier wireless internet provider for business and home office.  So, why would they introduce a product that is essentially betting that businesses will move towards BYOD rather than traditional wireless contracts?

Essentially, AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) sees this BYOD trend as a growing threat that could put a squeeze on sales.  To counter this trend, AT&T came up with a new product that helps enhance the BYOD experience for businesses, just in case this trend catches on.  It is a smart move but it can prove to be very costly if the one trend does not work out at all.  If the BYOD trend fails to catch on to a point that AT&T notices a profit, there will have been a lot of money and resources wasted than if they had just ignored it and continued with the traditional contracts.

The bottom line is that AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) clearly sees this new niche of BYOD as a potential threat that could take sales numbers away from its traditional business internet contracts.  In response, the company created a product to help them “hedge” from any potential downside they may face in the coming months to years.

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