Apple’s iPhone Celebrates its 5th birthday

Apple's iPhone Celebrates its 5th birthday

It is five years since Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) game-changed the mobile industry and introduced its revolutionary iPhone to a stunned consumer who gaped at its price yet swooned over its interface and sheer good looks.

Here’s wishing the iPhone a happy fifth birthday.

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Anything put on the internet never really dies, and today there could some very red faces as the reviews of the first iPhone are dusted off and gleefully placed before their naysaying writers.

Here’s one (from this article):

“The forthcoming (June 29) release of the Apple iPhone is going to be a bigger marketing flop than Ishtar and Waterworld (dating myself again, aren’t I) combined.” – David Platt, on his Suckbusters blog.

Here’s another (from here)

“The iPhone is nothing more than a luxury bauble that will appeal to a few gadget freaks. In terms of its impact on the industry, the iPhone is less relevant.” – Matthew Lynn

Well, Apple certainly proved all doubters wrong, not once but each time a new avatar of the iPhone came along. Here’s a look at some of the features of this legendary ‘godphone’ that rolled in over the years to make this the most lusted-after phone in history:

  • A super-large screen that a had touchscreen instead of a keyboard
  • Killer apps that could help you do virtually anything
  • A beautiful form and design that was unrivalled
  • High quality display screens
  • A convergence device that combined music, work, video, and practically everything else into a tiny package
  • Great battery life
  • All the superb hardware backed up with constantly evolving high-tech software
  • It brought the internet really up close and usable to the compulsive surfer
  • Now, the latest version brings in voice recognition technology to your phone – speak instead of type!

 It’s no wonder that a mere mention of a new iPhone model causes the internet to go agog with rumors about the new device’s features and an Apple presentation becomes an event not to miss, with live global reporting and overheated blogs covering every second of the event.

Congratulations are in order for what the iPhone has done for our lives. Thank you, iPhone, and happy birthday again!