Apple Targets China with Mountain Lion and iOS 6

Apple Targets China with Mountain Lion and iOS 6

Apple may be the most valuable company in the world, but it is not taking its foot off gas. The company is aiming higher, and this time around; it has set its sights to the East. China is the current target given that its is the most populous nation in the world.

BTimes noted that, Apple has a challenge in maintaining its current outstanding financial performance.   Therefore, it had to venture deeply into China for more revenue.

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In another post, February 23, reported that Apple had an interest in China Mobile and China Telecom (NYSE:CHA) indicating that the Chinese based telecommunications companies would begin selling iPhone 4s the following month.

April 29, U.K based blog, iPhoneUK, indicated that Apple’s iPhone 5 plans were centered around the Chinese economy. There is speculation that it might even make the phone 4G.

All these reports suggest that en-route to the WWDC, Apple had special plans for the Chinese market, and that seemed to be the case yesterday. The launch of the OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and iOS 6 with Chinese language integration confirms Apple’s intentions to increase its market share in China.

Yesterday at the WWDC, the head of Mac Software Engineering Craig Federighi, detailed various Chinese features.

The features introduced are meant to address some long-term standing issues for the Mac in China. Some of the features include: definition dictionaries (a standard dictionary app for those using simple Chinese), improved text input, dynamic word list, Sina Weibo for SINA Corporation (NASDAQ: SINA)’s online media and mobile value-added services, Lookup, and New fonts. 9to5Mac stated, “some of the features are outlined on Apple’s website as part of the new Mountain Lion operating system.”

iOS 6 comes with Facebook integration, as well as Siri. China, a country that had to wait for approximately two and half years for iPhone, can now enjoy the best of Apple’s inventions. After neglecting China for so long, Apple now sees opportunity in the world’s second largest country.