Apple (AAPL) Looks to Increase Mobile Market Share with iOS 6

Apple (AAPL) Looks to Increase Mobile Market Share with iOS 6

Gene Munster, an analyst with Piper Jaffray, has asserted that the introduction of the new Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) mobile operating system iOS 6 will increase the firm’s market share in mobile devices. Munster, in a note to investors, wrote that the new technology widens the gulf between Apple and Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) devices.

One of the major differences erupting between the systems, according to Munster, is the deepening integration of important Web services into the iPhone. Apple announced yesterday that iOS 6 would feature Facebook integration. Munster says that that move makes the device the de facto Facebook Phone.

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Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) is unlikely to ever offer integration of Facebook into its devices as it competes directly with the company in the social networking and advertising fields. Any unnecessary advantage to Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) would be seen as a huge disadvantage to Google’s prospects.

Munster then, is highlighting Google’s perceived strengths as one of its weaknesses in the mobile device sector. The company offers services in almost all sectors of the web domain from shopping and email to mobile operating systems and mapping.

Mapping is another victim of the growing gulf between Google and Apple in iOS 6. Apple has shunned Google’s mapping service and introduced its own instead. Munster suggests the new mobile OS might have Apple’s market share increasing from a current 23 per cent to 33 per cent in 2015.

Other analysts espoused the benefits of the deeper integration of the iCloud into the platform as evidence for Apple’s future dominance in Mobile devices. The cloud will help in creating a more attractive ecosystem for Apple’s products.

An ecosystem of electronic devices means it is more likely for a consumer who already has one to buy another and less likely that once inside the ecosystem a user will leave it. iCloud syncs data and applications across platforms, including smart phones, personal computers and tablets.

The cumulative effect of the integration in both Apple’s mobile operating system and desktop and notebook operating systems should, according to the reports, increase the demand for the firm’s devices.

Not all analysts were entirely pleased with the offerings at the conference’s key note, however. The lack of any hint of a new product, particularly a full Apple television set, caused some to doubt the effectiveness of the display as it lacked any surprises.

Most of the expositions had been expected by the market and so will have little effect on the firm’s stock price goes that reasoning. Apple’s shares are up slightly in trading today by 0.40% at time of writing to 573.78.