5 New Facebook Features That You May Not Have Noticed

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This time, Facebook has silently rolled out some new features. These are not any major changes but they are very useful. Some of these changes have been well publicised like editing of comments but there are also other changes that didn’t got much attention.

Here are 5 new features of Facebook that have got unnoticed.

Addition of “Voice” to Menu Bar

5 New Facebook Features That You May Not Have Noticed

If you’re an admin of a page on Facebook, then sometimes you may have made mistake of commenting or posting something as yourself and not as a page. Well, this mistake won’t likely happen again, thanks to a new “voice” feature in top menu bar. This tab reminds you that you’ll be commenting, liking and posting as the page and not yourself.

Click on “voice” and you’ll be presented with a prompt that “You are posting, commenting, and liking as page”. There’s an option to change as yourself. This definitely comes handy when you’re engaging with a page but are confused and don’t want to mess out anything.

Change of Email to @Facebook.com

Now this one is one of the most unwanted changes that have ever happened on Facebook. The social network has quietly changed the email addresses which is displayed in Timeline with the new @facebook.com. It seems that Facebook wants user to use their email service anyhow and that’s why they silently changed the email addresses of all users.

According to a statement from Facebook, this is done to make Email addresses look more consistent across the site. If you think that Facebook is forcing users to use their email address, then we have a short tutorial written on how to change @Facebook.com email on Timeline to your old email.

Emoticons added to chat

If you’re the one who regularly chats on Facebook, then you may have noticed the new “emoticon” icon. Clicking on it will reveal several emoticons that you can add to your chat. Now you can spice up your chatting by using these emoticons that can convey your emotions, the better way. Check out this post on how to add emoticons on chat window by shortcut keys.

Now you can edit comments

It seems that Facebook has learned something new from Google+. As we know that Google+ allows users to edit their comment, same way now Facebook also allows users to edit comments. If you have anything written that you want to change, then you can click on small “pen” icon and then click on “Edit” to edit the comment.

This is a small change but many users wanted this feature from a long time. Try it out.

In-app followers

Facebook yesterday announced that they have launched a new follow action which enables users to follow their favorite person, within the app.

According to Facebook, “The follow action makes it easier for people to keep tabs on the stories people tell from within your app in their News Feed, Timeline and through the notifications channel.”

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