Samsung Galaxy S III Launched in India for Rs. 43,180

Samsung Galaxy S III Launched in India for Rs. 43,180

Just after two days of its worldwide launch, South Korea’s giant Samsung on Thursday has released its much-anticipated smartphone Galaxy S III in India for Rs. 43,180 ($769). The smartphone will hit retail shelves by tomorrow, that is June 1st, 2012.

However, Samsung Galaxy S II in India was priced at Rs 33,000, when it launched an year ago.

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Samsung Galaxy S III’s ‘Indian-launched version’ features 1GB RAM, a 4.8inch display, 8MP rear camera and 1.9MP front camera. It is reported that the Android-based device will be available to Vodafone users with free 3GB data per month for two months.

Comparing the price of the newly launched Galaxy S III with its biggest competitors, iPhone 4S and HTC One X (In India)

1) iPhone 4S 16GB in India cost: Rs. 44,500 ($792)

2) Samsung Galaxy S III 16 GB in India is priced at: Rs. 43,180 ($769)

3) HTC One X is however lesser in price than both of the aforementioned devices, it is available for: Rs. 36,100 ($643)

The new Samsung Galaxy S III in India comes in two colors, that is white and pebble blue. The white model is reported to be available immediately, while the pebble blue model is expected to hit market in a few weeks time.

Beside Samsung’s recent biggest release of the new device in 28 countries across Europe and Middle-East, in July the electronic giant aims to further expand its market by launching the Galaxy S III smartphone  in more than 145 countries across 296 carriers; including US operators.