Make Your Google+ Look Like Pinterest With This Little Trick

Make Your Google+ Look Like Pinterest With This Little Trick

Pinterest, a bookmarking and online pinboard site has grown by leaps and bounds. Browsing on Pinterest is no doubt very addictive and one can spend hours doing so. Previously we have covered how to make Facebook look like Pinterest, and now here is something similar for Google+.

By using a Greasemonkey userscript, you can transform your Google+ stream to look like Pinterest. Recently, Google has made some changes to Google+ and from these changes, many don’t like the waste of space on the right side of the screen. This looks really ugly particularly for those who are browsing the site in high resolutions like 1920 x 1080 which is the native resolution of Full HD monitors. With this userscript, we can prevent that waste of space and make the Google Plus stream as if we are browsing Pinterest.

If you have decided to give a shot at this userscript, then Mozilla Firefox users will need to install Greasemonkey add-on before installing this userscript. Safari users will need to install GreaseKit and Google Chrome users can directly install this userscript.

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After installing this userscript, you can see that your Google+ has been transformed and looks more like Pinterest. This new layout won’t annoy users as now we can finally get rid of that white space.

Make Your Google+ Look Like Pinterest With This Little Trick

Check all other pages like Google+ pages and profile and you will observe multi-column grid layout. The normal features of Google+ are still present like sharing, commenting and more.

One thing that’s very good about this script is that it is responsive (or call it as fluid) which means it adjusts itself according to the webpage’s resolution. The layout is completely fluid and automatically adjusts to browser window. To know what this means, just resize your browser and see the magic !

Don’t confuse this script with the real Pinterest, as there is no integration between Pinterest and Google+ at this time. They are completely different worlds and as per the developer of this script, he doesn’t plans to add any type of integration between them.

This script makes Google+ UI more usable. Those who are on wide screen or on Full HD resolutions should really give this script a try. Pinterest interface for Google+ is well suited for those who shares lot of media and their stream is always full of images and videos. The interface may look somewhat messy, but many of you may like the new look.

What do you think of the new look? Its responsive, doesn’t wastes the space and is easy to navigate. Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments.

Download Script for Pinterest UI for Google+

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