iPhone 5 To Rock 16:9 Display Aspect Ratio, with iOS 6

iPhone 5 To Rock 16:9 Display Aspect Ratio, with iOS 6
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iPhone 5 To Rock 16:9 Display Aspect Ratio, with iOS 6
iPhone 5 Mockup

The iPhone 5 is currently under tests, and it has been rumored that it will rock a 16:9 display, and may be released later on in the year.

The next generation of iPhone – the iPhone 5 – will be sporting a 4 inch screen, an increase of 0.5 from the 3.5 inches that other iPhone versions sport. Its resolution is also expected to increase to 640 x 1136.

Currently, there are two iPhone 5 versions in testing, and it is not ascertained which one will see the light of day and released to the market. The two next generation iPhones, iPhone 5.1 and the iPhone 5.2, have been code named N41AP and N42AP and both are being tested for fine tuning.

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In the past, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has made phones that have been reserved for internal use, like the N96 phone, and it is assumed that one of these two iPhone 5 models will be an internal product.

The iPhone display from the first to the third iPhone remained unchanged, and it was only in the iPhone 4 that the display was changed. In the iPhone 4, the display was taken to a new level with an incredible 640 x 960 display.

The iPhone 5 models will however have an even larger display, measuring 3.95 inches with a diagonal measurement.

Nevertheless, this will not be the only change that iPhone lovers will get in the iPhone 5. The pixels to the display will also be added so that it may reach 640 x 1136; this will be an increase of 176 pixels to the display in the current iPhone.

The length of the display will therefore grow to 3.45 inches, but the width will remain the same at 1.94 inches. The new display is great because it means that videos with 16:9 aspect ratios will be able to play on the iPhone 5 without the need to change the video’s setting.

But this is not the end because Apple is also testing the iOS 6 that will be custom made for the new display. The new additions may include a home screen that has a fifth row of icons, as well as an extended app user interface. This will offer more view of content.

New hardware that may be gotten on the iPhone includes a home button, and a smaller dock connector. The dock connector will however be made standard on all Apple iOS devices in future.

But the display that is expected on the iPhone 5 is not welcomed by all iOS developers. This is since some apps normally have problems dealing with items at the top of the screen like the Personal Hotspot bar.

Therefore, a new display would mean that all iPhone apps would need to adapt to the new display, although it is generally assumed that all apps ought to do this.

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