Howard Marks (Very Rare) Interview on $OAK IPO

Howard Marks (Very Rare) Interview on $OAK IPO

May 7 (Bloomberg) — Howard Marks, chairman and co-founder of Oaktree Capital Group LLC (now NYSE:OAK), talks about the firm’s initial public offering and investment philosophy. He speaks with Bloomberg Television’s Sheila Dharmarajan. The firm is one of the largest value funds, and probably the largest publicly traded value firms.

Some quotes:

On the IPO he stated: “It was very challenging,” “We had to do a small deal at the bottom end of the range. You have to accept that you’re not a master of the universe, and that these things are not within your control.”

“My greatest priority for the years ahead is that there be no change in how we pursue our basic business.”

“I believe that if we are successful in our business then the public market will take care of itself.”

Marks rarely gives interviews so this is quite a treat.  video below: