How To View Full URL In Shortened Link, Without Actually Opening It


Short URLs have become popular because of Twitter and other sites where there is a limitation on how much text you can enter. But the problem with short URLs is that there is a hidden risk in opening that URL, as we don’t know to which website these URLs will take us.

If that short URL is from a popular or reputed source then there’s no problem in clicking them as we trust that source. But when you see a short URL on Twitter from a user who you don’t know, then opening that URL can be risky. We can know about the website, only if we get there.

Enter, a web app that unshorten’s the short URLs and reveals more information on that URL. This app expands the URL, identifies the full URL, displays description and also provide safety ratings which are provided by WOT (Web of Trust).

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Head over to this site, paste the shortened link in the text bar provided and hit the Unshorten it button. You’ll see a message that says “Unshortening URL, this won’t take long”. Wait for sometime while it works on the task.

How To View Full URL In Shortened Link, Without Actually Opening It

When the process is complete, you’ll get all the details about where that short URL points to and whether there is any risk in actually opening that URL or not.

The safety ratings are fetched from Web of Trust (WOT) which is considered to be a very reputable source for deciding the trust factor of the website.

So from onwards if you have any doubt and don’t want to take risk in opening that short URL, then this web app is what you should definitely try. Its better to spend one more minute then to take the risk!