How To Remove Trending Videos From Facebook News Feed

How To Remove Trending Videos From Facebook News Feed

How To Remove Trending Videos From Facebook News Feed
Facebook has added yet another distraction to our already awesome news feed and this distraction is the trending videos box. This trending videos box displays some videos which are trending, according to Facebook. Our Facebook news feed is already cluttered with various apps, photos, status messages and now we have to suffer with the newly added trending videos. Let’s learn how to remove trending videos from Facebook news feed.

Remove/Hide Trending Videos From Facebook

Install a browser add-on named as Stylish, using which we will remove the “Trending videos” from Facebook. If you are using Firefox, then grab Stylish for Firefox from official add-ons page and if you are using Chrome, then grab the Stylish for Chrome from Chrome WebStore. Stylish is an extension that lets you easily manage user styles.

Now go to the UserStyle page and install Facebook Remove Trending Articles style. Don’t go by the name, as this style can also remove trending videos apart from trending articles.

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That’s it. Now you can browse your Facebook news feed and those trending videos won’t be displayed again. That complete section will be hidden from the news feed so that you can browse more to the stuff that matters.

This UserStyle can be enabled or disabled by clicking on the Stylish button that’s added to the toolbar. But before clicking on this button, you need to be on Facebook otherwise you’ll get a prompt that says “No styles installed for this site”. You’ll see three different options – edit, disable and delete. Click on disable to disable this style and get back the “Trending videos” box.

Get rid of that “Trending Videos” and “Trending Articles” on Facebook with this extension and UserStyle.

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