Google’s Project Glass Seen Making Rounds in Google+ Event

Google's Project Glass Seen Making Rounds in Google+ Event

In the recently ended Google+ photographers Conference, Google’s project futuristic glasses made an appearance when a number of employees wore them.

Google’s project glass prototype seems to be getting tested outside the confines of Google’s secretive lab X, after attendees at Google+ photographers Conference wore the glasses during the event.

In the event, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) employees, worn the glasses including the co-founder of the largest search engine in the world, Sergey Brin. Apart from wearing the glasses, Google’s co-founder also shared a photo album, and a video that had been taken by the glasses, the first ever video.

Google, it would seem is refining the glasses in it’s main base in Mountain View Campus, and may be released in to the market in the near future.

The prototype glasses look like designer glasses that sit around the eye, and look very chic, and also have a clear display. The glasses are able to stream info to the lenses, and in turn also allow the person wearing them the ability to send messages using voice commands.

The glasses also come with a camera that is built in that allows a person to take pictures and also record video.

There are people who have said that the glasses may be more like an advanced version of Siri, Apple’s iPhone virtual assistant. However, until the glasses hit the market, the two cannot be equated. Google glasses will run on the Android platform.

In addition, there are various versions of the glasses available, some of which can sit over normal glasses.

According to various sources, the glasses may only be a first step towards contact lenses that function in the same way.

But the current design on the glasses is also great since the glasses can be able to function in the same way as a smart phone. A wearer can be able to email friends, check the weather, and even see what plans are on a calendar, but all these will be projected in front of a wearer rather than by staring down a screen.

The glasses are highly anticipated since it is assumed that they will get technology out of people’s way. A person may not have to reach in to their pockets, get their phone, and then use a button to take pictures. Rather, by pressing a button on the glasses, they will be able to take pictures and using a voice command, they can share the pictures immediately.

The project glass is not the only project that Google is currently running in Mountain View, California. Google’s X labs are also working on space elevators and robots.

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