Google CEO Says Facebook Is Holding Users On Hostage


 Google CEO Says Facebook Is Holding Users On Hostage

Google’s chief executive officer Larry Page recently knocked competitor Facebook during an interview with Charlie Rose on CBS This Morning. You can check out the brief clip of it below.

He said they didn’t allow Google to search data, “I think it’s been unfortunate that Facebook has been pretty closed with their data … and I think we would certainly — you know, we’re in the business of searching data. We don’t generally turn it down when it’s offered to us.”

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He also said that he thought the social media giant held their users on hostage. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) works with Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) and allows users to find search results from their website but they won’t work with them. He wishes content on the internet was more open for everyone to use.

Rose asked Page if he thought the situation to change and he thinks they’ll be forced to change their policies. He didn’t say how or when he thinks it would happen but he said that Facebook claimed it was a privacy issue.

[Video via: CNET]

It’s important to note a few things. The first thing is that compared to Facebook, Google+ is still relatively new on the scene. The second one is that Google doesn’t have one primary focus like Facebook does. The search giant operates many websites like YouTube, GooglePlay, Picasa, Calendar, Gmail, Blogger, Reader, and more. Facebook’s primary focus is the social media website. Since Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) has their own social media website, and Facebook may not want to work with a company they see as a top competitor.

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Now that the social media mega-site is publicly trading stocks, they’re probably planning on keeping things a little more secretive from other companies in order to benefit themselves more. Apparently, Google wants a piece of the Facebook pie and it doesn’t look like they’re going to get a slice anytime soon either.