Foiled Al-Qaida underwear bomb attack; another breakthrough for the CIA

Foiled Al-Qaida underwear bomb attack; another breakthrough for the CIA

Several days ago, the American people got wind of Al-Qaida’s impending malice through a clandestine CIA operation in Yemen. This happened when an unexploded bomb was discovered in an undisclosed destination by U.S field personnel. According to a top counterterrorism official in the Obama team, bomb specialists are dissecting and examining a new and highly sophisticated Al-Qaida explosive device. This device not only has the terrifying ability to pass undetected through metal detectors but also adds remarkable improvements to the infamous 2009 underwear bomb.

John Brenan, a prominent counterterrorism advisor in Obama’s team, emphasized the constant looming threat posed by Al-Qaida. Brenan was particularly keen to emphasise Al-Qaida’s persistence, eleven years after the “War on Terror” was launched.  He was exclamatory on the fact that one year without Osama was not a hindrance whatsoever to Al-Qaida’s cause. After reassuring Americans of their safety, Brenan went on to give credit to international partners. He said that the breakthrough could not have been possible absent cooperation from other countries.

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The chairperson at the House Homeland Security Committee, Peter King, also rallied the same spirit as Brenan with regards to the foiled underwear bomb attack. He piped that certain countries had been instrumental in the foiled plot. Similarly, he exclaimed that the would-be bomber was no longer a threat to the U.S.

Details of the exact destination where the bomb was found are sketchy; officials have declined to hand over this information. What however remains in the light is that the would-be bomber had no conclusive plans on the suicide attempt. It now turns out that in the latest twist the actual bomber was a double agent for America and the Saudis.

Interestingly, Barrack Obama had been monitoring the activity at the White House for a month. Caitlin Hayden, the spokeswoman at statehouse, said that the president’s confidence in the safety of the American public was brimming. Hilary Clinton, the secretary of state, similarly joined the bandwagon and added to the number of top officials who assured Americans of their safety. Clinton went the extra mile and urged all Americans to enhance their vigilance.

Although there are no credible grounds to make conclusions on the designer of the bomb, all fingers point to Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri. This master bomb designer is linked to the Christmas bomb; a bomb that carries striking similarities with the newly discovered bomb.

Al-Qaida is currently establishing a stronghold in Yemen. It is preying on the political instability that has plagued the Yemeni government. Al-Qaida has even gone to the extent of capturing a military base and killing several in the wake.

It is a tag of war between the U. S and Al-Qaida. All the same, U.S seems to have the upper hand. Just recently, Fahd al-Quso was killed through a missile attack. The 37 year old senior Al-Qaida official had a $5million bounty hovering over his head and was on FBI’s most wanted list. Al-Quso follows his alleged predecessor, Anwar al- Awlak, to the grave.

Prospects seem high for America. The newly elected Yemeni president, Abed Hadi, has voiced his support for America’s cause. Although civil war still plagues one of the poorest Arab nations.