Facebook Brings File-Sharing To Groups


Facebook Brings File-Sharing To Groups

Recently Facebook has come out with a new file sharing feature. The new feature that is being rolled out to a small percentage of groups today is the latest in technological advancements at the biggest social media site. Users of groups have been requesting such a feature for some time and according to Facebook only a few groups have it now but more will be added in the near future.

A new group Facebook for Schools started last month incorporating the new file sharing feature. In order to access this feature you have to have a .edu email address. Most files up to 25 MB can be uploaded with a few exceptions. Music and executable files cannot be uploaded from the system. Outside of these types of files, users can upload eBooks, comics, music videos, and small movies.

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Currently there are more than 380 million users using Facebook groups.In October 2010,Facebook bought a file sharing company known as Drop.io. Users do not even have to register using the services they simply upload their file, create a link with files, and share it with others on the network.

Though there may be concerns of copyright laws being infringed Facebook has taken diligent attempts to keep such information private mainly by closely monitoring any material, which is considered objectionable. If you think, you will be able to download pirated movies or illegal copies of music Facebook claims that such items will be pulled from the site.

Since creating the groups feature on Facebook 50 million groups have been created. With this, members can create groups for their friends, coworkers, and family members to create content that only they will see. With the new file, sharing feature that was originally aimed at getting more interaction from college students allows users to upload pictures from parties and other events. With Groups for Schools, students do not have to worry about parents or siblings accessing their files they share because you need a .edu service to use the feature.

In addition to its monitoring of the new file, sharing program Facebook says they are counting on the reliability of its users to report such occurrences. Whether this holds to be true remains to be seen. As with most of their new features the new file sharing will start, being rolled out in small batches of users over the next few days.

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