Apple’s Jonathan Ive: We’re very genuinely designing the best products

Apple’s Jonathan Ive: We’re very genuinely designing the best products

Apple's Jonathan Ive: We’re very genuinely designing the best products

With  all the Apple rumors circulating on the internet in the past month or so, it’s refreshing to actually hear a stir from Apple’s camp.

In a recent interview with The Telegraph (which was published on Wednesday), Apple’s design director Jonathan Ive said that Apple’s best work is yet to come.  While he didn’t give the details or clues on which product or products he’s talking about. Most likely, he’s referring to the much anticipated iPhone 5 which is expected to hit stores this fall.

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Ive has been with Apple for a long time and has overseen the designs of many of their best-selling products such as the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.  When he was asked about which product he though he made the most memorable impact on, he said he thought the product he’s making now will probably be the most memorable.

During the interview, Ive talked about his design aesthetic which all about simplicity. He described it as not so much being the absence of clutter, it’s more about the object and product.

This is probably the best news we have heard about Apple in a long time and we know that it comes from a reliable source. We will probably hear more about all the products, apps, and software updates at the Worldwide Developers Conference for Apple next month in San Francisco. In the meantime, we can dream about what the world’s most valuable company has in store for us in the near future.

As I’ve mentioned before, Ive’s plans for Apple may involve the iPhone but it  could also involve the iPad or something else. There have been recent rumors that Apple plans on releasing a television set in hopes to boost their competition against competitors like Roku, GoogleTV, and Boxee. At press time, there has been no confirmation if the company does plan to create a television set.

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