Apple To Reject Google Maps For New ‘3D-Maps’ In iOS 6

Apple To Reject Google Maps For New ‘3D-Maps’ In iOS 6
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Apple To Reject Google Maps For New '3D-Maps' In iOS 6

Apple could trade Google Maps for their own mapping program. This rumor comes from 9-to-5 Mac, which suggests that iOS 6 may incorporate their own in-house map app. This new application is reportedly “cleaner and faster”.

If this rumor is indeed true, this will be a first for Apple who utilized the backend of Google Maps since they first introduced the iPhone back in 2007.

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To create these in-house map programs, Apple has enlisted the help of several companies they bought awhile back including Placebase, C3 Technologies, and Poly9. One of this program’s key changes include a 3D mode that enables users to view locations in three dimension.

This isn’t the first time Apple ditched Google. Earlier this year, they switched from Google Maps to OpenStreetData for their iPhoto application. Unfortunately, Apple didn’t credit them until recently.

So why does the world’s most valuable company feel the need to ditch the world’s favorite search engine? Competition. Apple’s biggest competitor on the smart phone market is Google’s Android and they want to build their own empire of services that’s exclusively associated with their brand.

Next month, Apple will hold their Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco where they will discuss future plans for iOS and OS X with developers. If this rumor, or any other Apple rumor turns out to be true, we should find out straight for the source Tim Cook(chief executive of Apple).

Here is another rumor I think could be true. Why would they acquire the smaller companies mentioned above if they weren’t going to utilize them? As an Apple fan, I really can’t wait to hear more what other programs and applications they will unveil at next month’s show. With all these Apple rumors circulating the web, it will be nice to get some sort of confirmation of what to expect.

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