Apple TV Could Double US Household Sales

Apple TV Could Double US Household Sales
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 Apple TV Could Double US Household Sales

A Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS) analyst has come out with a new projection of sales of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) devices taking into account the firm’s rumored full television product. The research suggests that a television could double household spending on Apple product in the United States. The company currently sold $440 worth of product to US households in 2011.

Kathy Huberty, the analyst who worked on the report, has suggested that each new Apple product doubles the company’s revenue. She shows the doubling from $150 in 2007, at the release of the iPhone to the 2010 figure of $295. She is projecting a similar pattern for the iPad which she says will leave Apple sales at $630 for 2013. The analysis is the latest in a string of reports that incorporate the rumored Apple television into their projections.

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As of yet there has been nothing like a confirmation of the product but the hopeful reaction from the company’s shareholders and lovers of the company’s products has lead many to believe the release of such a product could be a great boon to the company’s performance.

The figures are based on US households that have at least $10,000 in disposable income. The projections suggest that with the introduction of an Apple television, or iTV, households could end up spending $888 on apple products in 2015.

Apple TV Could Double US Household Sales

For the purposes of the analysis the Apple TV was projected to have a high price point compared to other televisions. It is assumed to rely on broadband access for functionality. Because of the lack of information, or confirmation, of the product it is impossible to give an accurate analysis of demand for it. Assuming it to have the same pattern of sales as the company’s previous products is not a concrete method of forecasting sales of the product.

The firm’s shares have continued to be depressed as of late as it fell to recent lows after a meteoric first quarter rise. The stock began the year at 411 and rose to 634 in April. Today it is up to 533 after a string of days in which the company’s stock lost value. Supporters on a short of the company have come out in recent days shaking confidence in the stock.

Apple’s next big event is the World Wide Developers Conference on the 10th of June. Apple usually announces products at these engagements and speculation is rife over what will come out in the next conference. The very least that is expected is an update to their Macbook line of notebooks. More optimistic fans are hoping for an Apple television or the introduction of an iPad mini.

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