Apple Ditches Google Maps In Favor Of OpenStreetMaps

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Apple Ditches Google Maps In Favor Of OpenStreetMaps

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has finally decided to give credit to OpenStreetMaps, a program they use for their open mapping data in their new iPhoto iOS application. It was not that long ago when the tech giant ditched Google Maps in favor of OSM. Unfortunately, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) made one key mistake by forgetting to credit the new company who has technology they were using.

When the iPad 3 launched last year, OpenStreetMaps shared a post on their blog that they were thrilled that Apple switched over to them. Prior to the switch, Apple worked with Google Maps as a part of a deal before pulling a surprise switch and displayed OSM maps to answer the queried map location of a photo.

On Thursday night, OSM tweeted a screenshot(see above) from their iPhone to prove Apple’s acknowledgement. Other companies listed in the screenshot include Statistics Canada, US Census Bureau, Urban Mapping, and U.S. Geological Survey.

It’s important to note that Apple isn’t the only company to ditch Google. Foursquare, a popular social media app that lets your followers know where you’re at, also made the switch from Google Maps to OpenStreetMaps. The reason for all these switches can probably be attributed to Google’s recent charge of continued use of Maps API.

Pricewise, Apple may have made a smart move but I think there is probably another motive behind it.  Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) is one of Apple’s biggest competitors, and it would only make sense that they would want to stop utilizing their services and products.  In all honesty, I’m surprised at Apple has not created their own API maps program but I guess its a good thing for companies like OSM, which is not as well known as competitors like Google Maps or MapQuest.

I still wonder what took Apple so long to give OpenStreetMaps credit? Perhaps they were keeping their options open and did not want to give credit to a company they were on the fence about.

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