Home Technology Apple Claims Samsung Destroying Evidence in Patent Lawsuit Case

Apple Claims Samsung Destroying Evidence in Patent Lawsuit Case

Apple Claims Samsung Destroying Evidence in Patent Lawsuit Case

The Northern District Court of California was recently treated to a furious motion by Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), accusing Samsung of destroying evidence in a patent infringement case that they are currently embroiled in.

In the case that was filed on May 1 Apple has accused Samsung of spoiling evidence in their case. The evidence that was destroyed was in vast quantities, and was in open disregard of Samsung’s duty. Apple says that the destruction of evidence by Samsung will mean that a fair hearing will not be possible, and that the court case will be heavily skewed in favor of Samsung.

The case in the Californian court, is however not the first that these two corporate giants are engaged in. They are engaged in a number of court battles around the world, and in this latest case, Apple asked that jurors who will be present in the case, to be disallowed from seeing logos of Samsung since this may create an impression that the court is favoring them.

Samsung in a counter reply also submitted a motion to the court to banish all and any Apple related article, and blogs by reporters who are not experts. This however, will regard any and all assessment between Apple’s and Samsung’s products.

In the latest accusation brought on by Apple, the iPhone maker believes that evidence that was supposed to be brought in by witnesses from Samsung was much lower than what was expected. The lost documents are said to be emails that are pertinent in the case, and Apple says that the loss, was intentional on Samsung’s part.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) says that it knows there are missing documents since a recent deposition of the head of Samsung Product Strategy Team was due to an email that the head, Dr. Won Pyo Hong had directed that direct comparisons be made between products of the two giants for purposes of carrying out a presentation on design.

Therefore, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has opined that they cannot really know the number of emails that the head of Product Strategy Team had sent, or received, and the emails would have supported claims by Apple that Samsung had copied its products.

The new charges must be replied by Samsung by May 15, while claims from Apple will be heard by the court on June 7.

Samsung which has rubbished the claims saying that they are unfounded has asked the courts to extend its time to file a brief due to time constraints. The Galaxy maker has asked for an extension to July 10. But Apple has strongly opposed this move saying that the hearing needs to continue as scheduled.