American Express Gold – It Can Happen!


There’s just something about an American Express Gold Card. It’s kind of like driving a BMW – you want it for the prestige, but many of us aren’t ready for that kind of prestige. Right?


The fact of the matter is this – getting an American Express card, particularly a gold card, means that your credit and lifestyle are at a certain place. It’s the kind of place we all want to get to – one where you can make the monthly payments, afford the annual fee, and use the card responsibly.

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So, how do you get there?

Make a Plan

It might sound unreachable right now, but getting your finances in order requires a plan. Part of your plan should include paying off current credit cards, and getting your total credit debt under 25%. You can do this by taking a look at your finances – your income vs. monthly debts – and making a decision about how much you can pay monthly to offset debt.

Even if you start by putting a few dollars in change in a jar daily, then taking it to the bank at the month’s end, you can make a huge dent in your debt. Or, what about skipping that daily trip to Starbucks?

Getting rid of your debt starts with a commitment that only you can make. Paying it all off bit by bit can enhance your life by getting you closer toward your financial goals.

Set Goals

This isn’t just about the goals you’ll set when you make a decision to save money. Setting new financial goals that can put you in a better situation is super important. The plans you make could take years to come to fruition – but it’ll be worth it!

For instance, a savings plan that helps you continue your education could get you into a better job. A better annual percentage rate on a house or car could make a big difference. Starting a squirrel fund if you don’t have one could help save money.

Goals are all about where you want to be – and if what you want is the prestige associated with carrying an American Express Gold Card, that prestige is earned by having the money behind you.

You can do it! A ton of people out there have improved their financial situations and received a Gold Card from American Express today.

Here’s a thought …

A vast majority of Americans don’t know their credit score.

You may already be eligible for an American Express Gold Card.

While you’re working on the money-saving tips above, why not find out if you’re eligible? Simply click on the image below to apply!

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