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Schedule Your Tweets Right From Twitter’s Interface With Buffer

Buffer is a tweet queuing service that can be used to queue or schedule tweets that will be automatically posted at regular intervals. You don’t have to worry about the time or flooding your followers with tweets. Instead, Buffer smartly stores all your tweets and then posts them at regular intervals. Of course you can also edi the schedule of tweets if you wish to.

Now you can start enjoying Buffer right from Twitter’s own interface with the help of a Google Chrome extension. With this extension, users can add tweets to their Buffer queue from Twitter’s own site. But that’s not all, Chrome users can add any web page to the queue by clicking on the Buffer icon from the toolbar also.

Those who are really concerned about flooding their followers should really give this extension a try. You can add tweets to your Buffer queue and the service automatically shares them for you through the day.

This extension can be used in two ways. Users can click on Buffer from Twitter.com’s interface or by clicking on the Tweet button which is normally integrated in many websites, and it can also work by clicking on the Buffer icon from the toolbar.

After installing the extension, you can press the keyboard shortcut Alt + B on any web page to bring the “Add to Buffer” menu.

Manage your social media accounts for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with Buffer without worrying about annoying your followers and friends with Buffer. Hit the download link from below.

Download Buffer for Chrome


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