Rail Traffic Surges Again – Another Economic Gauge Signals Recover

Rail Traffic Surges Again – Another Economic Gauge Signals Recover

Total N. American rail traffic came in at 686k last week. This is a pretty impressive surge, far better than what I expected. Even better is that the main reason was metal and stone products (think construction) and auto’s set yet another multi-year high. As I read the data coming out and observe the key indicators we follow I am becoming more convinced, those who “sell in April/May and go away” are going to regret that decision.

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If we adjust the train numbers for the collapse in coal (below) then rail traffic would be well ahead of last year. In the chart below I have circles “week 13? for the past 4 years to give you a point of reference on the degree of coal’s plunge. Click here to see the reasoning for the coal decline.

Northern Pipe Line Wasn't Graham's Only Activist Situation

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What we are seeing is an economy that is continuing to strengthen at what seems to be an increasing pace. Now of course the issue that confronts us is: Is this a blip or a trend?

As the weeks go by and I keep seeing improving numbers, I am moving solidly in the “trend” camp. Late winter numbers were not bad so this isn’t a “catch up” scenario. That data was solid, if unspectacular which has been reflected in much of what we have seen in the past month. Good but not great data. I think that is going to begin to change as this spring progresses…

By Todd Sullivan of Value Plays

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