Nokia Lumia 900 Tops The Best Selling Cell Phone List On Amazon

Nokia Lumia 900 Tops The Best Selling Cell Phone List On Amazon

It has just been one day since the release of the Nokia Corporation’s (NYSE:NOK) new smartphone Lumia 900 and it’s already is topping the sales chart on, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) list of best-selling phones. This phone is the  first carrier-backed flagship phone.

The Nokia Lumia 900 is the creation from the collaborative efforts from Nokia and Microsoft. The new phone has impressive features like a 1.4 GHz processor, 4.3″ ClearBlack AMOLED Display, 4 LTE capabilities, Wi-Fi network capabilities, 8 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss Optics, HD 720p camcorder, 16 GB memory, and Windows 7.5 Mango software. At press time, the Nokia Lumia 900 in black ranked number one while the cyan version ranked number two.

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Despite decent reviews and early reports of big sales, some people think that the Nokia Lumia 900 doesn’t really have a chance at a future. Peter Bright from Ars Technica stated his thoughts on the phone’s software maker (Windows) and the phone’s main carrier AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T):

AT&T is Microsoft’s premier Windows Phone partner in the US. It’s the one which has most prominently advertised Windows Phone, it’s the one that has offered the most handset models, and it will be heavily promoting the Lumia 900 in-store. Problem is, that’s about the extent of AT&T’s “premier” commitment. If you want a Windows Phone that’s actually well-supported, you’re better off with T-Mobile.

Since the release last year of “Mango,” Microsoft has published a number of updates to Windows Phone. Some of these are minor—resolving a small problem with Exchange 2003 e-mail for example—but others are more significant.

Windows Phone has an aggravating bug that causes its on-screen keyboard to disappear occasionally when typing. The bug is by no means fatal. Generally, you can make the keyboard re-appear by tapping outside the text box and then tapping back inside the text box to make it pop back up. It doesn’t happen consistently, and a few people might never notice it. But it’s tremendously annoying.

I will admit that Microsoft is notorious for creating software with bugs and that maybe the smartphone industry is not really for them, especially when they have a lot of competition out there, but I would like to see them rise.  I think the Nokia Lumia 900 has the potential of becoming  great phone and although it may never join the ranks of Apple or Google Android, it could become a viable option for people who are shopping for a good smartphone on a budget.