iPhone 5 Could Feature In-Cell Touch Panels


iPhone 5 Could Feature In-Cell Touch Panels

There is new rumor concerning iPhone 5. DigiTimes recently reported that Apple’s next generation smartphone could possibly adopt in-cell touch panels from Sharp Corporation (PINK:SHCAY) and Toshiba Mobile Displays.

David Hsieh from DisplaySearch recently speculated his thoughts to Focus Taiwan.  He said Apple will probably use the in-cell technology from Japanese companies like Toshia, Sharp, or Sony instead of Taiwan-based companies because Japanese suppliers tend to work faster. If the rumor is true, production lines could start during the second quarter.

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It’s also reported that Sharp could manufacture at 5.5G production lines and Toshiba could manufacture the 6G.  Unlike on-cell technology, in-cell touch panels feature touch sensors that are located inside the touch panels. The end result  would make the phone lighter and sleeker.

This was not the only rumor regarding the next generation iPhone. Just yesterday, we reported the rumor that Apple was going to utilize a liquidmetal alloy to create the next smartphone.

There was one analyst who speculated that Apple would purchase stake in Sharp so they could work together but it was Foxconn(the manufacturing company for Apple) that actually bought 10% in shares from Sharp. At press time, none of the rumors have been confirmed.

As I’ve mentioned previously, almost anything is possible with Apple.  It would not be surprising to see in-cell touch panel or anything other new technology feature that would make the new phone even more stellar than the last. No matter what Apple’s plans are for the future iPhone, we know it’s going to be huge.

Later on this year, Samsung plan to release another Galaxy model which is rumored to feature Ice Cream software, 8 megapixel camera, Super Amoled Screen, and quad-core Exynos processor. Like many Android models, Galaxy is a popular iPhone alternative .

At the end of the 4th quarter last year, Apple sold 37 million iPhones which helped them top the market share with 23.5%.