Home Technology iPhone 5 Concept: The Hidden Feature Of Siri

iPhone 5 Concept: The Hidden Feature Of Siri

iPhone 5 Concept: The Hidden Feature Of Siri

Aatma Studio is once again back with its mind-boggling creativity on Apple products, but this time it is not about an iPad. The new video created by this popular animation and digital content studio shows a Siri security feature running on an iPhone 5.

After three unsuccessful login attempts, Siri disables the iPhone 5 and the device automatically goes into a self-destruction mode, the video uploaded by AatmaStudio shows.


Video Description:

The iPhone cracks itself if siri perceives it as stolen. Before you go why siri why, self destruction is activated only if you have enabled the iphone unlock error security feature on the concept iPhone 5. 

After 3 strikes, Siri radio quickly does an iPhone data transfer to your iTunes; and goes onto decimate all your information on the phone. You are notified on iTunes where the iPhone data recovery is now available only to you, as it should be.

If you cant have the iphone, NO one can!

The question is not whether iPhone — Will it blend? but iPhone — Will it destruct?, if stolen. Go Siri!

This is not the first time that AatmaStudio has presented an iPhone 5 concept. Last year, the same studio came up with an iPhone 5 video that showed some advanced features like sleeker design, laser keyboard & holographic display.