Instagram Reaches Over 40 Million Users, Adds 10 Million In Just 10 Days

Instagram Reaches Over 40 Million Users, Adds 10 Million In Just 10 Days

Wow, this has been one amazing week for the popular social media smart phone app Instagram! It seems just like yesterday that they reached 30 million milestone and today it was announced that number has increased to 40 million (That’s actually 10 million user jump from just 10 days ago)

The discovery was actually made by Gramfeed, a website that allows Instagram users to search for photos, likes, and followers. Since this third-party site uses Instagram’s API, they found out that the popular photo sharing site showed the 40 millionth user within just a period of twenty-four hours

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It seems that everyone is loving Instagram these days. Just last week, Google announced that Android users could download the app to their phone. Shortly after that Mark Zuckerberg (chief executive of Facebook) announced his website’s acquisition of Instagram for $1 billion.

So who is 40 millionth user on Instagram? His user name is valentinoelbuti. So far, he posted just four images on his account.

Matt from The Next Web reports that the Instagram for Android app has been long anticipated. Back in March when the company offered pre-registration, they garnered 430,000 signups all within a few days. Even more impressive? There has been about 7 million downloads since it was introduced last week.

Instagram is a hot ticket to success right now and Mark Zuckerberg made a good decision to purchase it right now. James Holloway from recently stated in a blog post that he thinks Instagram’s free service will eventually lead to their downfall. He further explained that once a free service reaches the height of popularity, a bigger (i.e. corporate) website will eventually buy it out and changes it. He also cited a blog post from Pinboard which further explained how free sites lose money on their projects and that’s why they need to create a profitable business model instead. So, what does this mean for the future of Instagram? We won’t know until the future but as I’ve stated in a previous article for ValueWalk, I’m going to put a little faith in Facebook.