How To Skip Authorizing Social Reader Apps On Facebook

How To Skip Authorizing Social Reader Apps On Facebook

You may have observed that your friend has shared an article from The Washington Post and Yahoo!, but when you click on that article, to read what’s inside, you find that the app wants you to authorize (install in simple sense) and grant permission to read information about you. These days it seems that every app wants to access your personal information so that they can learn more about you, your reading habits and your likes.

Some apps on Facebook act really strange. All you need to do is to authorize them and then they will freely publish the post about the article that you are reading, this means; now everyone on Facebook will know and see what you have been reading. Being socially active is good but it doesn’t mean that you have to share everything with everyone. Those who are concerned about privacy should really either stop reading articles on such sites or stop authorizing such Facebook apps. The latter option being the best bet.

Surely we can remove or prevent apps from accessing Facebook account, but what if there’s a more simpler method in which we don’t need to authorize any social reader app.

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Skip Installing Social Reader Apps on Facebook

If you are using Google Chrome web browser, then here is an extension named as Facebook Unsocial Reader that rewrites Facebook’s Social Reader links. This extension works in a very simple manner. The app copies the title of the article that was shared by your friend or you and then skips the installation phase and redirects you to a Google “I’m feeling lucky” page.

In most cases, the first search result is the article that you are searching for and therefore this app directly takes you to the article page.

Instead of authorizing a plethora of apps to access your personal information, use this method to skip authorizing social reader apps on Facebook.

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