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How To Protect Yourself on Facebook From Stalkers

Facebook is addictive and we can spend hours scrolling the home feed. Technology can have both minus points and also plus points. Nowadays people don’t check their email first but login to their Facebook account before anything else. Many of us start wasting time and thereby decrease our work productivity. But the negativity does not end here. Nowadays, there are many applications that can breach privacy of any particular user without his/her consent and can also access his/her private information like phone number, address, current location, etc.

Recently an app named “Girls Around Me” merged Facebook and Foursquare data of individuals and layered it over Google Maps with real-time GPS location in order to determine the location of nearest women/girls. Even apps that you run on Facebook can access certain data of your Facebook account and these apps (Third-party App developers) can use your information against you (You never know!). In this post, we will see how to check and remove suspicious apps from your Facebook account.

Removing/Editing Apps From Accessing your Facebook Account

For checking and removing suspicious Apps from your Facebook account, you need to follow these very simple steps:

  1. Login to your Facebook Account and click on “Privacy Settings”:
    How To Protect Yourself on Facebook From Stalkers
  2. Select “Edit Settings” under “Apps and Websites”:
  3. Select “Edit Settings” under “Apps You See”:
  4. A list of authorized apps is shown from where you can either directly remove the app by clicking on the small cross or you can edit the settings of the selected app.
  5. When you click on “Edit”, you can see the details of the selected app which are as follows:
  1. This App can: This shows that the App is authorized to access your basic profile information like Name, Profile Picture, Network, User ID, Friend List or any other information that you have made public.
  2. Last Data Access: Shows details about the information accessed by the app on your behalf. You can check the details by clicking on “See Details”.
  3. Posts on my behalf: Shows who can see the posts made by the app on your timeline. You can select from various categories like Public, Friends, Only me or Custom.
  4. Notifications: This enables you to get notifications, when app sends you a request OR your friend sends you request OR never.

We cannot entirely blame apps for everything. When giving an app the permission to access your account, read what exactly you are doing. Stop and think if you really want that app to access everything. Some of these apps can access your status updates, birthday, photos, hometown and app activity. Therefore if you are not using certain apps, then its better to uninstall them. There is no need to give access to so many apps. After all, you don’t want every app to access your personal information.

Using simple steps aforementioned, you can revoke access of any suspicious application from your Facebook account. Follow this method to protect your Facebook account from stalkers. Stay alert, stay safe.