How iPad is Made: A Look Inside Foxconn Factory [VIDEO]

How iPad is Made: A Look Inside Foxconn Factory [VIDEO]

Rob Schmitz is the second reporter after ABC News’ Bill Weir to go inside Foxconn the maker of iPad and iPhone in China.

In the video shared below, Schmitz brings an exclusive look into how iPads are manufactured and tested.

“The first misconception I had about Foxconn’s Longhua facility in the city of Shenzhen was that I’ve always called it a ‘factory’  — technically, it is.” Schmitz wrote after visiting the Foxconn facilities.

Schmitz revealed, that there are 240,000 people working inside the Foxconn factory. “Nearly 50,000 of them live on campus in shared dorm rooms,” he wrote.

Rob Schmitz, is the same journalist who exposed Apple commentator Mike Daisey’s fabrications regarding working conditions at Chinese factory, and now he is back again, this time for showing you how Apple’s iPad is made.


Video Description:

Marketplace Shanghai Bureau Chief Rob Schmitz is only the second reporter ever to gain access to visit the factory floor at Apple’s Chinese producer Foxconn. See highlights from his tour of the assembly line and the Foxconn facilities. Hear his full audio reports on your local public radio station or online at

Via: Market Place YouTube Account

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