Home Technology Google’s Project Glass Technology is Game-changer in Mobile Tech

Google’s Project Glass Technology is Game-changer in Mobile Tech

Google's Project Glass Technology is Game-changer in Mobile Tech

Apple, Inc is currently the most valuable company but according to a recent article written by Louis Bedigan from Forbes magazine, their glory days are numbered.

We already know that the smartphone market is dominated by Apple’s iPhone and  Google’s Android. What many of us don’t know is Google’s plans to create a brand new mobile technology that could possible change the future. It’s called Project Glass initiative and, according to Forbes’ Bedigan, this device will lead way the way to hands free technology. He further elaborates:

Project Glass will be the first step in a revolutionary new development within the world of mobile technology. In simple terms, it could eliminate the need for most of the devices people can’t live without — most notably smartphones. Not that Google would ever want to cannibalize its billion-dollar Android business. I’m sure the glasses will interface with your existing phone, at least initially. But long-term, there’s no reason why smartphone technology shouldn’t be baked right into the glasses.

It’s a pretty bold statement to say that Google could overtake Apple in the near future, it’s ever a bolder statement to claim that tomorrow’s technology will involve something like magic glasses. This isn’t to say that something like this won’t happen- but I really doubt that the idea will catch on for now at least.

Apple is a big company and, in my humble opinion, it’s going to take a lot more than a pair of glasses to inspire people to drop their iPhones or iPads.  Another thing I must point out, it could actually be dangerous for people to wear internet-enabled glasses, especially when driving on the road or walking down the street. Apple fans really have nothing to worry about.

One day, smart phones will phase out and something else will come in to replace that technology. When that will happen and what that will be, remains to be seen.