Earnings Preview: BA, LLY, GLW, NDAQ, KKR

Earnings Preview: BA, LLY, GLW, NDAQ, KKR
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Earnings Preview: BA, LLY, GLW, NDAQ, KKR

With the market looking up today on hopes that an Apple resurgence will lead to an easier time for both the Nasdaq and the S&P500 here are our top stocks who are announcing earnings later on today:

The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) will announce its earnings in an atmosphere where it is expected to do well. The company earned 79 cents per share in the same quarter in 2011 but is expected to take in 94 cents per share this quarter according to analysts. The firm’s revenues are expected to follow suit with $18.34 billion expected compared with last year’s $14.91 billion. The company has been on an excellent run of late taking advantage of a resurgent aerospace demand in both civilian and military markets.

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Eli Lily & Co. (NYSE:LLY) in contrast has not had as good of a quarter as Boeing. The pharmaceuticals company is expected to report profits of around 78 cents a share. The firm earned $1.24 per share in the smae quarter last year leading to questions about its future. The firms revenue is also expected to suffer a drop to $5.35 billion. This is one year after the firm posted first quarter revenue of $5.84 billion. The company.

Corning Incorporated (NYSE:GLW) the technology and research corporation can be almost schizophrenic when it comes to earnings. This time around however analysts are expecting a large drop in year on year profits. The company is expected to earn 28 cents per share compared to Q1 2011 47 cents per share. The firms revenues are also down, from 2011’s $1.92billion to an expected $1.97 billion. Profits have been falling at the company for some time now and many will wonder how the research firm will recover.

NASDAQ OMX Group Inc. (NASDAQ:NDAQ) after confirmation that they would be hosting Facebook for its IPO the Nasdaq must be running high, at least in spirit. The firm is expected to slightly increase profits from  the same period in 2011. Analysts are expecting earnings of 63 cents per share compared to last year’s 61 cents per share. Revenues have however taken a massive tumble for the company, down to  an expected $416.9 million contrasting with last year’s $817 million. The firm is doing well and should continue to do so for some time.

KKR Financial Holdings LLC (NYSE:KKR) the global investment company is also to announce its earnings later on today. The firm is expected to come up with earnings of around $0.36 a share in the quarter. That compares to last year’s $0.27 a share. The firm is well known for the high diviodend it pays and that is the reason many investors hold the stock.

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