Apple Testing A Smaller 7.85 Inches iPad In Its Labs

Apple Testing A Smaller 7.85 Inches iPad In Its Labs

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) current success with their iPad tablet has prompted them to think further about the future of the product. Daring Fireball’s John Gruber was recently on The Talk Show with Dan Benjamin and he mentioned that Apple is currently in the process of testing a smaller iPad that measures 7.85 inches.

Here is what he told them, “Well, I don’t know. What I do know is that they have one in the lab…a 7.85 inch iPad that runs at 1024×768… it’s just like the regular iPad shrunk down a bit. I’ve heard from multiple people that this is something that they’re kind of noodling with”

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Gruber later states that he still doesn’t know if the small iPad will ever make it to the market.

So why would Apple want to make a smaller version of a product that is already successful. Gruber admits that they’re probably trying to compete with Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

Perhaps before they make that leap, they should correct the current problems with their iPad 3 devices. Right now they are investigating the device’s issues with WiFi connections. Some owners of the third generation tablet have openly complained about this problem on Apple’s support boards.  The company has since released a statement regarding their technical issue and they’re in the process of finding a solution. Wifi connection problems are not the only issue that affects the iPad 3, there has also been numerous complaints involving overheating and charging.

If Apple was to release a smaller version of the iPad, it would be easy to assume that it would be just as successful as the original. But would Apple fans who already own iPad 3 purchase it to supplement the original?  If Gruber is right about the potential pricing of the smaller iPad which would range from $249 to $299, it would probably please consumers who are looking for a quality tablet on a budget. We just hope that Apple did their market research before creating the prototype.