Apple Denies Working On A ‘Revolutionary Product’ With Starck

Apple Denies Working On A ‘Revolutionary Product’ With Starck
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Apple Denies Working On A 'Revolutionary Product' With Starck

Rumors surfaced earlier today that Starck was working on a project for Apple after Starck himself put forward testimony of such a project. Starck had said that he was meeting with Steve Jobs on a weekly basis before the Magnate’s death in late 2011. The announcement earlier today had many suggesting that Starck would designe Apple’s television, a product that was favored by Jobs. That device is hotly anticipated to be revealed later this year though it now seems clear that Starck will not be the mastermind behind the innovation. Apple have stated without reservation that they are not working with Starck on any new products which puts an end to that particular line of investigation.

Starck caused a media frenzy earlier today when he said that he was working with Apple on a revolutionary product on a French Radio Station earlier today. He is French by nationality but international by design. Many commentators on the subject today have invoked a feeling that Starck’s designs were so far away from Apple’s minimalism to be an impossible addition to the product line of the company. Starck has been the designer of many products and none make a user think of Jonathon Ives’ famous designs. Ives is the lead designer on most of Apple’s recent products including iOS and the idea that he would be excluded from the design of an innovative Apple product was nothing short of heresy to the community.

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Other reports have suggested that Starck was not referring to an Apple product but to a personal product he was involved in with Steve Jobs. Many have suggested that the comment relate to a yacht that the design personality was helping to create with Jobs. Apple’s denial along with the uncomfortable response to the news that Starck was designing a product for the company have let this rumor slide easily into place as a replacement for the previous rumor of a Starck designed Apple Television. However just because something is convenient to Apple doesn’t mean it is true. Starck is a known self publicizer and has done tings in the past to promote his products in the media that were not exactly verifiable but there is still an element of Surprise in both Starc and Apple’s quiver.  We’ll see what comes next.

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