Will iPhone 5 Have iGo’s Chip?

Will iPhone 5 Have iGo's Chip?

Since the day the $IGOI power management chip was announced, I have said it was a perfect fit for $AAPL. Now we have this:

H/T Reader John for finding this

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Rumor: Texas Instruments making chips for Apple’s next iPhone ahead of Sept. launch

By AppleInsider Staff

Published: 06:40 PM EST (03:40 PM PST)

A pair of unconfirmed rumors claim that Texas Instruments has started production of the power management chip for the next iPhone, and that the sixth-generation handset will allegedly debut in September.

An “inside source” claims that Texas Instruments is already producing power management chips for an as-yet-unannounced Apple handset, which the company’s management is reportedly calling the “iPhone 5,” according to a post on iPhone repair firm RepairLabs’ blog.

Texas Instruments currently supplies a number of components to Apple including the touchscreen controller in the iPhone 4S as well as power management chips and a control device found in the new iPad.

Going further, a separate Chinese source said that the “iPhone 5? will be ready for a September release. The unnamed source also claims that the handset will feature a larger display, though didn’t mention specific dimensions.

While RepairLabs does not have a proven track record of providing rumors later proven to be true, the company did post pictures of the new iPad’s back casing in February, which allegedly came from the same chinese source mentioned above, and was one of the first to investigate the third-generation tablet’s purported heat issues.

The latest rumors come on the heels of a report earlier on Wednesday, claiming that whispers from China say Apple is working on a 5-inch Retina Display device set for launch in 2013.

So, what do we know?

1- $IGOI has patented power management technology that improves battery life in mobile devices
2- They are working with $TXN to bring that chip to market
3- On the recent earnings call, they said it would be Q3 when we saw it
4- $IGOI management, normally very effusive about the chip and its possible end uses was uncharacteristically vague about it on last earnings call other than the timing of it
5- $AAPL is getting hit in countless publications on battery issues in both iPhones and iPads and has been nagged by this for a while

Now, there are several possibilities. But, it is the odd behavior of $IGOI management on the last call that has me thinking. Why so quiet? Given $AAPL ‘s reputation of requiring absolute silence from suppliers, one could think they were essentially being gagged? The timing of the chip from $IGOI and this rumor with $AAPL and $TXN have to make you stop and think also. Since the $IGOI is designed to both extend battery life and charge, one might assume $AAPL has decided to address the issue?

Of course, none of it could be true also…I have no definitive knowledge either way and am simply piecing various bits of information together…..take them for what you will