The Biggest Story of the Day About Ebay Inc: You Read it Here First

The Biggest Story of the Day About Ebay Inc: You Read it Here First

The big story of the day is about eBay Inc (NASDAQ:EBAY) and their plan to roll out a brand new device for their subsidiary, Paypal. As we noted in an earlier article:

“PayPal announced plans to extend its services to merchants with a new card-swiping device. Targeted to small businesses and cab drivers, it will accept all four major credit cards and scan checks.”

The big story is the new device,’PayPal Here.’ Right?

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Ebay’s CEO,  John Donahoe, had two interviews today where he talked about the new device.  CNBC had Donahoe on the show discussing new plans for the company. CNBC labelled the segment with Donahoe as an ‘exclusive interview.’

There was only one problem…. Donahoe was on Fox Business Network (FBN) only twenty minutes after the CNBC interview. The interview was not exclusive since he was on Fox Business only minutes later. The official definition of exclusive is as follows (as per google search) ‘An item or story published or broadcast by only one source.’

ValueWalk has the screenshot of the FBN  interview:

The Biggest Story of the Day About Ebay Inc: You Read it Here First
Source: Wikimedia Commons

The interview on CNBC was at 2:15 EST (11:15 PST).

Of course it is possible that CNBC had no knowledge of the FBN interview. Or it could be CNBC attempting to claim an exclusive interview, which it was not. It is difficult to believe CNBC did not know about the interview:

Donahoe must have been in a rush for some reason after the interview on CNBC, he was on FBN within 15 minutes!

Additionally, Donahoe does not do interviews too often.

Below you can watch both the FBN regular interview and the CNBC ‘exclusive interview.’



Update: FBN Interview video embedded.