Samsung Galaxy S III Image Leaked on Reddit

Galaxy S2 is Samsung’s flagship and most popular smartphone till date. Samsung is working very hard on their highly anticipated upcoming flagship phone – the Samsung Galaxy S III. There are many rumors about this phone in past several weeks but as far, this leaked image of Samsung Galaxy SIII seems to be the most believable.

Samsung Galaxy S III Image Leaked on Reddit

This new image is posted by a Reddit user. If we observe this image closely, then we can find the date of the announcement of this phone in calendar widget and also the location in weather widget. If this hint is correct, then this phone will be announced at Samsung Unpacked event in London, England on May 22 at 6:00PM.

By looking at this image, we can say that the Galaxy S III looks gorgeous (if that’s the real deal). This is the white model but we may also see the standard black color model. There’s much more that can be learned from this image. The screen resolution can be 720p display with most likely a Super AMOLED screen. We can also see a dedicated camera and power buttons, volume rocker, edge-to-edge glass and a front speaker grill. Below the dock we can find the Home button and it’s also possible that there are capacitive keys on either side that are not visible in this image.

One more thing that can be observed from this image is the inclusion of the name of a PR firm named as Weber Shandwick. Weber Shandwick has worked with Samsung in the past also and may be this time too. If this image is just another hoax, then the mastermind has gone to a far extent to add a touch of authenticity.

Samsung has previously said that it will only announce the handset when it is ready for retail. Therefore most likely Samsung will announce this phone only when they they are ready to ship for retail. Perhaps they too want to follow Apple’s strategy.

Lastly, one thing that we can safely assume is that this is going to be one hell of a smartphone, after all this is the upcoming and most highly anticipated phone ever. We’ll need to wait and watch the show if this phone can surpass Galaxy SII’s sales records or not.

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