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    Mini iPad In The Works

    The days for Apple to unveil its next gen iPad is coming closer, there has been a lot of speculations and rumors about the new iPad 3 previously, but Apple fans now hardly have two days to officially know the reality about the most expected tablet from Apple Inc.

    However, the news we are going to share with you today is not about iPad 3, but it points it arrows towards a gadget which is labelled as ‘Mini iPad’. Shocked? Don’t be, because a leaked document by Samsung Securities analyst JungHoon Chang, tells us the same thing, that is in the third quarter of 2012 Apple is planning to launch a 7-inch tablet also known as ‘iPad Mini’.

    The document includes the following information:

    Following the success of its iPad 1 and iPad 2, which have which have together achieved sales of 55m units, Apple plans in 1Q12 to launch the iPad 3 and in 3Q12 a new 7-inch product temporarily referred to as the iPad mini.

    Beside the Mini iPad news the document also highlights a report that says, Apple may also be in discussions with Samsung Electronics for the implementation of flexible AMOLED displays in future manufactured gadgets like iPads and iPhones.


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