Mashable’s Founder Denies Rumors of CNN Acquisition


We reported this morning that CNN had made an offer to buy the large social media blog Mashable for a total of $200 million. Mashable utilises the connections people make through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to encourage sharing of news and information.  Fleix Salamon of Reuters first broke the ‘news’ and it was also ‘confirmed’ by the New York Times.

TechCrunch is now reporting that the ‘news’ is not confirmed and is in fact false. According to the site. CEO Pete Cashmore is denying the reports of the CNN offer to senior level Mashable staffers. TechCrunch further stated that  Mashable’s Executive Editor, Adam Ostrow, inadvertently “liked” the original Reuters report. This gave further suspicion to the ‘news’ that the company was going to be bought out by CNN.

According to the story CNN was supposed to announce the news tomorrow. CNN is owned by Time Warner(NYSE:TWX). Interestingly, while many news sites reported the story, CNN did not report on the story at all.


We will keep readers posted on any further updates on this story.