Mario Gabelli’s Stock Strategy

Mario Gabelli's Stock StrategyMario Gabelli, Gamco Investors, shares some of the stocks he is excited about now. “Shale is my passion,” he says.


let’s get some parting shots from our guest host. while you do that, i’m going to pour some wine for us. as a value play, given what we know about where the transaction may or may not be, is this something you would buy now at this price? the u.s. has a need for tax reform. if you’re located in sweden and you own 10% of a company, you can sell it and not pay a double tax. in the united states, unfortunately, we can’t move assets as officially as that. you find a way not to pay a double tax. that’s what is in process. you go back to fundamentals and that is that what jack modd did is not particularly value added. i’m looking at my asset base, how do i handle my shareholders, and we’re looking at things like cash-rich spinoff. the question is, how do i sell those assets, get the cash back officially for the shareholders, and do it in a cash-rich way, tax-deferred way. what else do you love? well what worked this year was utilities and utilities have had a lot of transactions. they take over el paso electric, a merger is there at some point. say that again. where do you think those merger? el paso electric, new mexico. a lot of consolidation there. a company like central gas, chd, they have rights to deliver gas to new york. shale is my passion because that makes them become less dependent. those are the dynamics that take place but we have a long list of items that we pick stock benders to boeing. and airbus, those arie going to do quite well. companies that we own. they will do quite well in 2012. in addition to that, we like the companies that are selling auto parts on a global basis. production is going to be up. europe is down. thank you.

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