Mario Gabelli’s Market Outlook

    Mario Gabelli's Market OutlookThere are strong areas of opportunity to invest in now, says Mario Gabelli, GAMCO Investors, Inc. chairman/CEO/CIO, who shares his strategies to make money.

    there you go. go national. go like a pro. welcome back, everybody. we talked about broad issues. we have not had time to drill down. you’re a stocks guy. what you are seeing when you look around the horizon? it’s a strong areas of opportunity, for example, even with problems in the mideast, even if saudi has challenges or iran, the growth in commercial aviation, vendors to boeing, people that sell parts to boeing, the great companies that — and airbus will benefit from the aircraft that’s going to be shipped starting now. we saw a huge pullback during the financial crisis of 2008 and some concerns about the carriers going through. but you’re saying this is — 40 years ago we would be u.s. sen trick. then we went to europe. then we went to the mideast and now it’s arab yachlt there is a $70 trillion gdp on a global basis. they’re greater than the american consumer and have a high propensity to travel. if the chinese military ever opened up aviation, as a rule private aviation. but right now sell parts to boeing. command, kman, precision price parts, there’s a whole array of companies that do that. they’ll have a tail wind in the future because boeing is ramping up airbus is ramping up. another area, energy. saudi arabia has a new conservative government, even more conservative than in the past. what happens if there is an implosion and they move into saudi arabia? we’re not prepared for that. oil is back to $100. what fit went up to $150? how comfortable would the consumer be and will we have another recession? unleash the power of american technology, shale both in oil and gas. and companies benefit. we have that pipeline coming down. , no we don’t. never mind. they offered to not go through the nebraska area that was so central. we woement need any oil. oil is dirty. it’s not only oil, joe. it’s natural gas. we have an advantage that will create enormous number of jobs. tomorrow you are boon pickens coming up. but how do you take care of the water? we have half a dozen companies. how do you take care of the water that goes into the shale to produce? how do you dare of the produce water? what companies benefit from the whole pressure and there’s little companies in the united states that have great technology. we own them all. it’s twin disk, mcgraph, wear the towers. i was in dallas last week. i visited trinity. they homake a tank that holds fraking water. i’m going to write down all the symbols. we enter them so fast. i know people will write in. we’ll come back to these and mention these. you mention you own them all. yes. and we’re looking for more. we invite anyone to tell us public companies, we don’t want to deal with the private world.

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