Jim Rogers: Obama Will Win, Candidates Are ‘Clueless’ on Economy

    Jim Rogers: Obama Will Win, Candidates Are 'Clueless' on Economy

    Jim Rogers predicts Obama will win the U.S. election but argues that none of the leading candidates have any idea how to get the economy back on track.


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    Video and transcript below:

    Find out what Jim Rogers feels about that. Jim is best for the US economy Romney Santorum. Of those — don’t of the above but Eddie House doesn’t have a clue what’s going on. You know they all have made a mess up it’s so far and others make it worse now none of the above Sosa and his — and doesn’t. That doesn’t he wanted to 31 win and one of the three probably well went up. I would if I were a betting man I would got an Obama would win and he is a sitting president is hard to defeat a sitting president. Anywhere in the world. You know he’s spending lots of money and and printing lots of money. To make sure things the good this year so I would suspect he’s going to win I didn’t think that was good for America I just and I suspect that’s what’s going to happen which candidate will be better for America and — — the only one that understands what’s going on that the ones that are running — you know Ron Paul certainly understands. And a bit. Nobody none of the others and on the does have a clue there are part of the same the same problem they made the problem. Why would we think that those guys who made the problem can now solve the problem. I you know I know digit — them blind to this this recovery story in the US right now but if we look at the numbers. Via the jobless numbers and we look at that that the housing market these things these these fundamentals are starting to look bad — we’ve got to start somewhere right. Yeah there’s no question about dad there’s going to be a lot of good news coming out there have been reported this year but at any if you look at the employment numbers if you get into them. You say what who is this really trying to — In other jiggling employment numbers again. And they keep telling us how good things out but if you look at other things that you cannot jail that is the amount of electricity being used in America is going down. America’s got a population which is rising. And a recovering we think we’re told the electricity usage is going down energy use is is going down that’s something wrong — all these numbers. You’re you’re you’re — borrowed dollars right you’re — dollars right now. I don’t US dollars yes — what have — woke — feeling like — what would be the catalyst Jim — so you dollars. Thought it goes a hundred — — in — I don’t know if it goes up a lot. You always have to start thinking about. Selling US dollars. But it them at the moment there’s nothing that’s gonna make me sell my US army and I think what I’d like it has to have war. Well that would make the dollar go up for a lot of them being written wrongly but it would make a dollar go up. I cannot think of anything at the moment it would make me so much doubt what treasuries. No I don’t own treasures and I’m not sure treasures I’ve I’m waiting to short I should have been long and should have been all this time. I’m waiting to shore I don’t know what will make me fell short by a — tonight and that’s kids if — leave. If we’re gonna get so much more similar isn’t gonna get QE3 want a — the treasury story. Right they have QE3 — let me get out the Federal Reserve is valid she’d used state. That they’d been pumping up you can see on adjusted M two is going through the roof look at their — — you’ll see that they bought also it’s. Also lots of assets are suddenly appearing on their balance — Where did they come from income from the Tooth Fairy they came because there and they’re buying. Buying in the market as fast as they — there is QE3 already they don’t call it bad but it there. And why but that’s not good for the dollar down the road but at the moment there are many reasons don’t that are.