iPhone 5 Or The New iPhone – What Is Apple Prepping For Us?

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The new iPad was released yesterday. The major change to the device was the display, it has a retina display, with 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution, which is 3.1 million pixels, and has more pixels than a HDTV. It also haves a quad core A5X processor, which is a better processor, a 5MP iSight camera and 4G LTE, the latest wireless technology.

iPhone 5 Or The New iPhone - What Is Apple Prepping For Us?

There’s no official name for the new device, it’s just being called “The New iPad”, it was released with three capacities of storage 16GB, 32 GB and 64GB. The prices for the WiFi device go from $499 to $699 and the WiFi + 4G device from $629 to $829. The iPad 2 is still being sold and has a $100 USD rebate on the 16GB WiFi model.

The new iPad will be available at stores on March 16th for some countries like U.S . Canada, U.K., Switzerland, etc. And will be available on March 26th for other countries like Austria, Mexico, Denmark, etc.

In 2010 Apple sold 14.8 million iPads around the world. In the fourth quarter of 2011 Apple sold 15.4 million iPads.

But, what about iPhone 5? Would it be renamed to? Would it have the same no number convention like it seem to happen with the newest iPad.

iPhone 5 or the new iPhone, is being developed and might be released by September or October of 2012, this device has been expected since last year when the iPhone 4S was launched.

iPhone 5 Or The New iPhone - What Is Apple Prepping For Us?

The release of the new iPhone or iPhone 5 would be huge, according to Kirk Yang Barclay’s Capital Analyst in Hong Kong.

What are the expected features of iPhone 5? A quad processor A6, Gorilla Glass 2.0, bigger screen, 4G LTE, new design, a better battery life and high-resolution camera.

According to many analysts, Apple Shares (AAPL) which is currently priced at $542.21 are expected to go more high. Reason behind it could be a ‘close launch’ of new iPhone or iPhone 5?

iPhone 5 Or The New iPhone - What Is Apple Prepping For Us?

Watch what Kirk Yang has to say about all of the things discussed above:


Let’s wait for more rumors and information about the “new iPhone”.

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