Guy Spier’s Aquamarine Fund [Updated]

Guy Spier's Aquamarine Fund [Updated]

ValueWalk has obtained Aquamarine’s fund letter for February. The fund is a value oriented hedge fund, run by Guy Spier. The fund returned 8.6% in January and 5.4% in February for a YTD return of

Guy Spier keeps a low profile, but he has an amazing track record and is gaining some media attention lately. Guy also is famous for bidding for lunch with Warren Buffett several years ago.

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Spier mentions his mistakes and his successes in the letter. He also gives a detailed analysis of Discover Financial Services (NYSE:DFS), which was spun-off from investment bank, Morgan Stanley (MS). He liked the company because he thought it had a good business model, with a closed loop, which was similar to American Express. However, Guy noted his mistake at buying the company at a too high of a multiple.

Letter has been removed and will be updated soon..